hello friends!

my name is claire, and i am the owner of this blog. here are some things about me!

  • im a junior at spelman college. im studying english, finished my spanish minor halfway through sophomore year, then bailed on declaring a major out of all that effort
  • i play tennis and i’m not that good. but it’s fun!
  • i did gymnastics for 10 years, broke one too many bones and decided to leave the rest to simone biles
  • my favorite books are beautiful world, where are you by sally rooney, the secret history by donna tartt, and the perks of being a wallflower by stephen chbosky
  • i just love to write. that’s why i created this space for me, to get my thoughts out and invite others to listen in if they care. i’m very grateful that i have the opportunity to do this!
  • finally, i love to make friends. reach out to me with any ideas, suggestions, or pieces of your own!
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