my 2021 goals: experience, excitement, and growth

2020 was a very interesting year for me. for as many lows there were, i think i would be remiss if i didn’t acknowledge the great things that occurred last year in my life. graduating high school, beginning my first year of college, starting this blog, turning 18, etc. as i began planning for the new year, i decided to make my own version of resolutions to help me create a roadmap in the otherwise chaotic “new normal” that has me often forgetting what day it is. normally, i hate new years resolutions. it might sound cynical, but i always thought, why are you waiting for a new year to be a “better person?” just do it now??????

so i decided to give myself 2021 tasks. things to complete throughout the year to remind myself to not become complacent or stagnant, and continue to grow. i broke it up into 4 categories: academic, skills + hobbies, life, and professional + creativity.

    • reach out to professors when help is needed.
      • aka stop being afraid to ask for help. that’s literally their job.
      • we all know you could write an essay in a night, doesn’t mean you should. stay on top of work and make sure it’s the best version you can put forward.
    • don’t be afraid to be a group leader.
      • group projects suck. we all know that. if no one is beginning the conversation on how the work will get done, be the catalyst.
    • increase proficiency in spanish and portuguese
      • me and my best friend duolingo are well acquainted at this point. time for me to finish all those rings so that owl will stop yelling at me. (also i’m a spanish minor, do i really have a choice?)
    • play more tennis
      • it’s fun! i like it! being outside is nice and this is the perfect socially distant sport!
    • make journaling a consistent habit
      • journaling is not only the perfect time capsule, but one of my favorite sources of catharsis. getting into a groove where it feels less like a chore and more like a relaxation tool is extremely important for me this year.
  3. LIFE
    • be more outgoing!
      • hey voice in my head that’s convincing me everyone hates me! you’re not gonna win this year. (she probably will, but we’ll try again anyway)
    • read 80 books
      • around 6.5 books per month. let’s be real i’ve done worse.
    • live independently!
      • living in a dorm is going to be fun for sure, but i NEED to remember to do simple things like take out the trash and vacuum among other things. i’m 18 let me start acting like it for once.
    • 2 blog posts / month, 1 youtube video a week
      • this is a hobby, but also something i want to take seriously. consistency and creating a schedule will inspire me to continue making content i want others to enjoy as well, so these numbers are challenging without becoming daunting.
    • 1000 subscribers on youtube
      • very big number. kind of scary. current count is 259, which is a number i didn’t even think i could accomplish in 4 months. dream big, right?
    • apply for an internship, job, or program related to career interests
      • i do not plan on sitting around and waiting for opportunities to come my way. i want to take on an active roll in pursuing my passions, and that begins today!

overall, i’m pretty excited for this year. the only person i owe completing these tasks to is myself, and the only person i plan to impress is myself. it’s all about self love and self confidence this year friends. i encourage you, dear reader, to make some tasks of your own. they can be vague, or incredibly specific. but goal setting in realistic increments makes completing tasks so much sweeter, and reminds you that no step is too small. you only owe this to yourself!

i hope that 2021 brings you all love, health, and growth. these are terrifying times with morbid events, and i’m proud of you for getting to this point. don’t stop now!!!!!!!! so here’s to another year, let’s get the party started 😎

all the hugs and fist bumps in the world,


Published by Claire Jackson

20 year old college student who likes to read and overthinks the smallest aspects in any social setting

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