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hello friends and dear readers, as you know i youtube. today i posted an upload of me ranking books i read in high school, and you should absolutely watch it for a laugh. honestly, my high school curriculum wasn’t bad per se, but it’s a little unfortunate that i was the reason there was diversity in my reading. i didn’t read from an asian author, a woman at that, until my senior year and i picked to read from jhumpa lahiri. not to rag on my school, because american and british literature in a catholic curriculum isn’t expected to be so diverse i guess. but that doesn’t have to be the precedent in my opinion. there’s more to black writers than toni morrison (no shade. this is a morrison fan account.), and more to female authors than virginia woolf. we need to raise our standards and push the limits that are placed on our curriculums. there are black authors out there. there are gay authors. asian, hispanic, latino, and aboriginal. it’s not hard to find them throughout history. so let’s do it. watch my ranking below:

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